Environmental compliance is both very simple and potentially complex. HSC has experience in several states regarding Air Permitting, Hazardous Waste Management, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Due Diligence, as well as reporting for Hazardous Waste, TRI and SARA Tier II. Hannis Safety Consulting can provide written environmental management programs, policies, and procedures customized to your facility or operation.

In basic terms, compliance means meeting the requirements of laws, regulations, and codes designed to protect the environment. In addition, it means doing your environmental due diligence to ensure you comply with regulations, set up policies, clean up contamination, and manage programs for ongoing compliance.

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At HSC, we understand not only federal EPA regulations that apply to your facility, but also the regulations that apply specifically to your city, county, and state. Contact us today.

Hannis Safety Consulting is dedicated to helping you:

  1. Understand Your Environmental Reporting Needs
  2. Assess Your Properties and Facilities for Compliance
  3. Develop an Environmental Services Plan.
  4. Proactively Execute on Your Environmental Plan for Compliance